SaaS billing management

By automating routine billing tasks and providing real-time analytics, our software helps you reduce administrative overhead, improve cash flow and enhance customer satisfaction.

Join a community-driven platform? that evolves with your business and enjoy the transparency, flexibility, and cost savings that come with open-source solutions.

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Simple subscription management

Automating your billing processes saves time, reduces errors, and ensures timely payments.

UniBee’s SaaS billing management software automates invoicing, recurring payment collection and allowing you to focus on scaling your business.

Automate Your Billing Processes

Deliver accurate invoices to your customers, minimizing disputes and enhancing their trust in your services. We ensure that every transaction is accurately tracked and billed, providing clarity and transparency to your customers.

Optimize Revenue and Minimize Churn

Maximize your revenue by identifying and addressing potential churn risks. UniBee’s SaaS billing management software provides insightful analytics and reports that help you understand customer behavior and proactively manage retention.

software build for and trusted by SAAS businesses

Highlighted Features

Customisable Billing Models

Recurring, one-time, usage-based, and more. Build on top of UniBee according to your own needs.

International Business Structure

Build up different invoicing templates for your subsidiaries. Manage your global audience in one billing system.

Revenue Analytics

Get real-time reports of your revenue and user growth trends with our Analytics Dashboard.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accelerate your growth by leveraging multiple payment gateways that cover regional and global markets.

Support Crypto

Revolutionize payment methods, go Crypto! Popular cryptocurrencies are all supported in UniBee.

Automated Invoicing

Streamline your billing with automated, accurate invoicing and notification system.

Why Choose UniBee for Managing your SaaS Billing?

Customizable and Cost-Effective

UniBee’s open source billing software gives you full control and customization. Tailor your billing processes to meet your unique business needs without the high costs of proprietary software.

Secure and Transparent

With open source, security and transparency are paramount. Access and modify the source code to ensure your system meets the highest security standards. UniBee’s community-driven audits guarantee robust protection for your financial data.

Easy to Integrate

Easily integrate UniBee’s billing solution with your existing systems like CRM and ERP. Enjoy streamlined billing processes and efficient data flow across your organization.

Active Community Support

Benefit from an active community that continually improves the software. Access comprehensive documentation and professional support to maximize the effectiveness of your billing system.


Success stories

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Manage your global user base in one billing system.

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