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Replace expensive solutions with our open-source subscription billing software to optimize the finances for your international business structure.

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Manage subscriptions easily

Tired of juggling endless subscription details? Our intuitive billing platform puts you in control, allowing you to set your subscription billing automation with ease.

Simplify your subscription renewal management.

Get paid through 
any gateway

With support for various payment gateways, including Crypto, Stripe, credit cards, PayPal, and more. UniBee makes subscription payment services easy.

Flexible payment options. No matter how your customers prefer to pay, we got you covered.

Zero-hassle integration?

You choose, we support. 💛

Deploy UniBee on the cloud for scalability and convenience, or self-host it to have full control over your data and billing software infrastructure.

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Highlighted Features

Customisable Billing Models

Recurring, one-time, usage-based, and more. Build on top of UniBee according to your own needs.

International Business Structure

Build up different invoicing templates for your subsidiaries. Manage your global audience in one billing system.

Revenue Analytics

Get real-time reports of your revenue and user growth trends with our Analytics Dashboard.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accelerate your growth by leveraging multiple payment gateways that cover regional and global markets.

Support Crypto

Revolutionize payment methods, go Crypto! Popular cryptocurrencies are all supported in UniBee.

Automated Invoicing

Streamline your billing with automated, accurate invoicing and notification system.

Open-source subscription management system

UniBee is your go-to solution for managing subscriptions the way you want it.

Success stories

UniBee helps SaaS businesses thrive - see how our clients manage their recurring billing effectively!

See how Nodemaven optimized its billing systems, tracked revenue growth and customized UniBee to fit their needs. All this was made possible thanks to the freedom of open-source projects.

An interview with Nodemaven CEO, Stan Sadokov.

Manage your global user base in one billing system.

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